7 Ways to Make Your Website's Homepage Attractive

Your website is your internet business. You want it to seem like your typical place of business: pleasant, clean, appealing, inviting, and professional. Here are 7 low-cost strategies to update your homepage to match today’s standards – and they may be easier and more effective.


1. Update the Content on a Regular Basis

I was just looking at a restaurant’s website the other day, and it was advertising its Thanksgiving menu and it’s January! That restaurant had a brilliant idea to provide a special seasonal menu on the home page. However, they did not execute adequately and allowed it to be up for too long. Set a monthly reminder to review your website and update the homepage content.


2. Make certain it includes a call to action.

Consider this: what is the most important step you want visitors to your website to take? Here are three frequent kinds of calls to action:

  • Sign up for your email list – When individuals sign up for your email list, you establish a connection with them that allows you to promote to them in the future. Most email marketing software (for example, MailChimp, which is free for small lists, or Regular Contact) allows you to easily place a registration box.
  • Purchase in your e-Commerce shop – If you offer online shopping, either display product images on your homepage to attract visitors to click through or include a noticeable “Shop Now” button.
  • Fill out a quote form – If you offer services rather than products, encourage visitors to complete a quote form. It collects contact information so that you may follow up.


3. Include contact information in a prominent location.

Examine your website thoroughly. Do you make visitors seek or guess to find out how to contact you?
Many small companies provide contact information in the page’s header or footer. Include an email address and phone number at the very least. If you accept customers in your place of business, include your address. If you want to utilise a separate “Contact” page, include a huge visible link on your Contact page.


4. Attach images and/or video.

Take a look at your home page. Is there a lot of text? Images break up long blocks of text and make them more appealing to visitors. Include at least one image of your company, staff, or products. Invest in professional photography if no one in-house is a talented photographer. In most areas, you can hire a professional photographer for a few hundred Ringgit.
Videos are also really good. So, make a how-to video, a video explaining your product, or a video of you greeting visitors. Upload it to YouTube or another media sharing site. Then copy and paste the code into your website.


5. Bring your design Up to Date.

A website developed in 2012 will seem old compared with one designed in 2022. An out-of-date site design provides a clear indication that your company is also out-of-date. It is advisable to make a full website upgrade. However, if time and money are limited, update the site to make a good first impression. As time and funding allow, other pages will be updated.
Make a request to your Web developer for a homepage redesign. If you want to handle it yourself, you may buy a low-cost template from Envato, Theme Forest, or Template Monster.


6. Boost page performance.

If your home page is too slow to load, visitors may never revisit. In addition, extremely delayed pages might have a detrimental impact on search engine results. Take the speed test here.


7. Make it mobile-friendly.

Last but not least, modern websites must be functional on mobile devices. This is especially true for local businesses, where visitors may be searching for a nearby business on their smartphone while driving. A website that is not optimized for mobile devices may be disadvantaged in search engine rankings. If you redesign your website, ensure sure the new design is “responsive,” which means it can adjust to mobile devices. The same is true if you buy a template.